Follow the links below for the Intermedia Conference Programme and Book of Abstracts:


Intermedia 2019_Book of Abstracts

This year at #Intermedia2019Warsaw
we are organising the Best Conference Presentation Competition!


Five steps towards your successful Intermedia presentation

  1. Please check if you have a 15- or 20-minute slot for your talk and prepare accordingly. Allow time for Q&A. We will take questions after each presentation. Chairs will not allow presenters to run over time.
  2. Think about a key message you want to present and build a story around it. Data, numbers and tables are boring and the audience will not remember them anyway. We are hardwired for listening to stories.
  3. Don’t put a lot of text on your slides. It never looks good. Don’t waste time by reading out the text on your slides. We know you can read. We can too.
  4. Avoid flashy transitions, patterned backgrounds or special effects.
  5. Come to the conference room well before your talk to upload your slides and check if everything works, particularly if you are showing video clips (they usually will not play with the projector, even if they did at home with the computer only). Using your own laptop is possible but not recommended, as it may cause delays due to technical issues.

 Make an impact, leave a memorable impression,
change the way the audience sees and understands the world.
If you don’t – why present at all?